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Add to the magic to your activity.

Bold and outstanding best describes our black carpets and runners. This selection offers a sure way to an eye catching detail on each subject presented upon it and adds increased detail especially if the subject colors are very bright in appearance. This is the main reason many types of event and stage performers prefer the black carpeting. Special events are only one of many uses. Some of the most exotic cars and motorcycles built today are displayed on black carpet runners which offer a more stunning effect to the vehicle. 

Black carpeting also offer a dazzling effect leading to specific objects on display. Creativity plays a major roll when selecting the proper colors to add increased detail. Let us help you by completing your special event, show or promotion with our new professionally bound black carpeting or runners.

Find the right color. Our color selector can help you choose what's best for style and application.


Lush black carpets available either plain or with custom prints for business applications.

Darker shades
of carpeting or black carpet runners produce a dramatic effect whether presented alone to enlighten the appearance of an area, stand alone subject or group of objects or performers. But there's more...

We can help
you be creative. Black makes an excellent border around other colors. Contact us with your idea. No project is to big or to small. We pride ourselves in our customer service and have supplied our black carpets to many major promotional events. Ask our sales representative for references on the many top clients we catered to.

Let us customize
your black carpet runner by adding colorful inlays such as designs, stars and more for a unique one of a kind black carpet. Prefer to make your business statement. With your artwork we can also have your business logo printed on the carpet that is sure to provide a lasting impression.

   Karen McCance unrolls a section of a black carpet runner prior to being bound and ready for shipment.