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Pinata Pink

Electrify your event with our lush pink carpet. Does your setup require unique colors of detail, than possibly our pi˝ata pink carpets and runners may be the perfect compliment to add stunning effects to your decor and subjects. 

A colorful choice for celebrity events, private parties, trade show displays and more are among the practical uses of our pink carpet runners. 

Need more, we can customize you pink carpeting for a one of a kind look that is sure to add wow to your event. All pink carpets can be cut and bound to custom shapes like circles, hearts, stars and more. Call us with your idea. 

Pink carpets displayed from various events. Breast cancer awareness, car show, mtv. charity fundraisers.

Our pink carpet
may be just the solution to add the high energy look to your event and decor. Our pink carpets are a cut above the rest when it comes to quality and affordability. 


Yes these pink carpet runners are what we supply to high energy and celebrity events across the globe. Think "PINK" and buy with confidence like the event professionals do. All pink carpeting is offered at the same low discount pricing like our other color selections offered. No hidden or extra costs.

   Here Karen McCance is shown standing with a roll of pink carpet. Pink is a very popular choice for breast cancer awareness events, displays and celebrity promotions.

   A finished pink carpet with custom lettering inserted.